Sprinkler Irrigation Hose

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Three-tube Irrigation Sprinkler with set of nozzles

Comes with tap connector on one end, that fits into the hose quick connector waterflow (usually at the end of a hose) and a hose quick connector stop on the other end, to which you can connect another sprinkler irrigation hose, if required.
Guaranteed even watering at the whole length of the sprinkler hose
Saves water and time
Water consumption depending on working pressure 1 bar – 5,5 l/h per 1 m; 2 bar – 9 l/h per 1 m; 3 bar – 14,5 l/h per 1 m
Free of cadmium and barium


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19-021N ½” 13mm 7.5m, 19-022N ½” 13mm 15m


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