Sprinkler Irrigation Hose

RSP R360RSP R475

  • Three-tube Irrigation Sprinkler with set of nozzles
  • Comes with tap connector on one end, that fits into the hose quick connector waterflow (usually at the end of a hose) and a hose quick connector stop on the other end, to which you can connect another sprinkler irrigation hose, if required.
  • Guaranteed even watering at the whole length of the sprinkler hose
  • Saves water and time
  • Water consumption depending on working pressure 1 bar – 5,5 l/h per 1 m; 2 bar – 9 l/h per 1 m; 3 bar – 14,5 l/h per 1 m
  • UV-stabilized
  • Free of cadmium and barium

Available Sizes:

  • ½” 13mm – 7.5m (SKU: 19-021N)
    • R360
  • ½” 13mm – 15m (SKU: 19-022N)
    • R475

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