Cellfast™ Water Timers

Cellfast water timer

Time is that one elusive commodity we all need more of. So, devices like the Cellfast water timers, which allow us to water the garden effectively while getting on with other things, are such a bonus.

There are two water timers in the multi-award winning Cellfast garden range.

Cellfast Manual Water Timer

The Cellfast manual water timer prevents overwatering of vulnerable plants by switching off your sprinklers after a set period, up to 120 minutes. It is made from high quality plastics, sells for around R350 and is perfect for anyone wanting to be waterwise and not waste this scarce resource. 

Cellfast Digital Water Timer

At a recommended retail price of R735, the Cellfast digital water timer is a great garden manager, getting the job done while you are at work or watering in the middle of the day during winter and during the cool of the morning or evening during summer. It has an easy to read display that allows for two individual cycles of watering per day, lasting from one to 99 minutes. And each day of the week can run an individual watering programme. It can operate as either a digital or manual timer and will even tell you when its battery is low.

Both timers connect to all other components in the Cellfast watering system. They are also compatible with other brands on the market.

The Cellfast range is available from selected Builders Warehouse, Chamberlain, Stodels, Build It stores; and independent hardware stores and nurseries. 

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