Cellfast™ Anti-Twist Hoses

Cellfast multi-layer anti-twist black and blue garden hose

The garden hoses in the award-winning, Polish-made Cellfast™ range, now available in South Africa, are packed with unique technology that stops them from twisting and blocking the stream of water as you move around your garden watering your plants, making the whole experience that much more tranquil!

The Hoses' Multi-layer Build

The secret to this anti-twist appeal lies in the hoses’ multi-layer build. Not only do the hoses have long-term cross reinforcement that increases their strength, this is combined with either a simple tricot or a specially selected, oblique tricot reinforcement, made of the highest quality polyester yarns, which makes them extremely resistant to twisting and breaking, and ensures every Cellfast™ hose is highly durable.

In addition, Cellfast™ hoses are also UV stabilized and internally part-resistant to algae, are durable and flexible, come in 13mm and 19mm diameter sizes and can operate at temperature from -20 to 60°?.

Food Quality Hoses

Among the hoses in the extensive Cellfast™ range are a food quality hose, specially designed for watering herbs and vegetable gardens as no toxins are released, and a three-tube irrigation hose that comes with a set of nozzles and guarantees even watering for the whole length of the hose, saving water and time.

The Cellfast™ range is distributed exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa by WHD, a division of WHS and is available at leading DIY and hardware stores nationwide.

WHS, is a member of the Dawn Limited Group and stocks a vast range of hardware and plumbing products, all at competitive prices with frequent deliveries to anywhere in South Africa, as well as selected locations within Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia.

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